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Mar. 19th, 2010 04:57 am
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Jan likes Alfred, as he likes most people. He's pegged him as not as big an asshole as the sort Jan usually hangs around with, which means he's marked him as someone he'll never be close to or friends with. He also hasn't found anything (that he'd consider) very interesting about the guy either, and that definitely has something to do with the 'amusing guy, not a friend' mentality. He was amused to see Alfred's opinion of him apparently drop after the Sora fiasco, in a sort of 'oh jeez how many people did i just piss off? that was pretty cool!' way, and would make the attempt to fix it if he were bored one day. It's not very high on his list of priorities though, since someone can still be amusing even if they hate you.

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[Nightmare on Elm Street]

This set of writing in the journal? This belongs to a creepy motherfucker. Jan freely recognizes that, and is pretty damn sure the fucker isn't kidding about chopping up little kids. But he's not going to go and show that even he finds that a little too far, no way. The easiest way to handle that is to bullshit him like he does everyone else, play along, and see just how interesting this particular story gets.

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Jan likes Griffin. He's glad someone with a book-thing shares his profession, and makes him feel like they've got a bond through that much at least. Shared secrets and all that. He's someone Jan can bullshit with, he sees through Jan's terrible language to pick up meanings under it, both things Jan appreciates to no end. He's a great way to pass time, basically. Additionally, he's earned Jan's respect by being an obviously clever and capable guy.
But there's not very much under that. While he has fondness, appreciation, and respect, there's no trust beyond the professional we're-both-trained-killers level. He wouldn't tell Griffin about his awesome new bloodsucking development as they currently stand, for example. He wouldn't concoct some bullshit reason for all his weird behavior and expect Griffin to believe it, but he wouldn't tell him the truth. He also wouldn't do very much for him, beyond that professional level (and having gotten him a job). If Griffin needed to get rid of the body of a target, Jan would be his man. If Griffin... I don't know, had to hide the body of a girlfriend he'd killed in an accidental FIT OF PASSIONATE RAGE and emotions were brought into it, Jan would do lots of frowning and sidle away. He's not too invested.

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Here is another creepy motherfucker! Fortunately not quite as creepy as Kreuger, though. Jan likes Gin enough to give him access to his apartment, hell, he'd even bail him out of jail if the guy got put away. He trusts him that much, because they have similar interests and common goals. (Gin was the one that helped him figure out he was a vampire, after all. If he's keeping that secret, he can't be too eager to sell Jan out.) But that's a pretty far cry from actual trust, and the only reason he feels as comfortable with Gin as he does, is because he's pretty sure that's about as far as Gin trusts him as well. A relationship built on common interest and mutual distrust. Very healthy!

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Jack impressed Jan when he took him up on his shooting challenge, and again when he proved he could hold his own in a fight -- and then again because he hasn't spilled Jan's secret yet. And he was kind of dying to brag to/share with someone besides Gin because Gin is creepy, so Jack was a convenient and appreciated victim. So basically, although he really loves fucking with him and pissing him off and would never give that up, he actually respects him too. He's disappointed that he seems to have done a fine job at making Jack hate him lately, but he's not terribly broken up about it. Being hated is nothing new, after all. He'd fix it if he could, provided he got the chance and it wasn't too much effort.

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[Ace Attorney]

Edgeworth is one of those rare people that Jan just does not like. He doesn't want to get to know him better and doesn't have any interest in seeing if he could possibly make Edgeworth like him. In Edgeworth's specific case, it's because the man is so judgmental -- Jan's used to being judged, and it usually amuses him, but Edgeworth seems to think himself just so far above everyone else, and he can't find any tolerable qualities about him. So while Edgeworth still amuses him and is great fun to poke at on the journals, he actually doesn't like him! And would totally fuck him up if he ever got the chance. (Not kill him, though, as Edgeworth has passed into the realm of 'people Jan pays attention to', and he doesn't usually kill those unless he legitimately hates them.)

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Jan thinks Sasuke is great fun! If an incredibly huge brat. He's ridiculously easy to get going, which is always a plus, and he hopes he'd be at least as good amusement in person. Also it's his goal to call him so many horrible names that he becomes desensitized to it, because he thinks the kid's skin is way too thin right now. And really, calling names is what he does -- there's no use if his target just immediately storms off in a fit of emo rage! That's his version of being helpful. :>

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[Toward the Terra]

Jan thinks Rei is totally a riot. From what Jan knows of him he finds him a creepy little fuck, which has never ever dissuaded him from liking someone. The whole arson instigation episode amused him to no end (even if he was apparently too lazy to go and do it), and marked Rei forever as someone that will probably prove amusing to keep an eye on. More recently, as in during all that horrible proving-you-wrong that went on in Jan's 'gee guys i'm awful hungry' entry, he decided that Rei definitely falls into the little shit category. It made him ever so slightly wary of him and think he may have underestimated him at first, but amused in hindsight and after he found some/one/thing to eat -- especially since Rei seemed content to know, cheekily prove he knew, and not do terribly much with the knowledge. Jan can totally handle cheekiness.

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[Nabari no Ou]

Jan's big secret is that he actually feels as bad for Sora as the rest of, well, the human population. The kid's a mess, how could he not? He'd bite his tongue off sooner than admit that, of course, but it's still there. It comes out in actions (diving into the river after Sora, escorting him and Jack back so they wouldn't get mugged on the way or whatever), but there's no fucking way it'd ever come out in words. Jan keeps evidence of his pity locked up tight.

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