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Character Relations
Maaka Anju → Wouldn't say it, but pretty damn creeped out by her. He's not sure what to make of her and he'd like to make fun of her to make it all better, but she doesn't react to it right.

Tamaki Suou → Likes him! It's his goal to make Tamaki start swearing. JUST A LITTLE. JUST TRY IT. He's also great for poking fun at when Jan's not in a good mood.

Maaka KarinMore than a little awkward with her since the embarrassing trickster god love-event, but willing to ignore it if she is! Otherwise, one of the people he likes enough to invest in -- in her case, trying to give her some bravery. But still not above propositioning her for sex every half hour at work.
Trying to leave her alone since quitting and taking up eating people again -- that's not something he wants her anywhere near, so he figure the best way to keep her out is to pretend she doesn't exist. Would be protective of her if he saw her in any sort of trouble, though.

Schrodinger → Pretty much constantly amused by Schrodinger's antics, and proud to know him when he causes other people grief. A bit wary of him under that -- after all, he had been one of the Major's top soldiers.

Rip van Winkle → All too pleased to hang out and eat people with her, but just as wary of her as he is of Schrodinger. The Major's people weren't people you made friends with, and no matter what happy face she puts on she could still probably tear him apart. Then there's the matter of his being a created vampire, a second class citizen, while she's the real deal.

Haru Miura → A WORTHY OPPONENT. She's one of the few people that can match his tirades with tirades of her own.

Dick GraysonHas so far proven to be able to take Jan's antics in stride and typically best him at his own game. Jan genuinely likes him despite that, though. He's impressed more than he'd ever say that Dick decided to give him a chance -- since he spends most of his time and effort antagonizing people and trying to drive them away.
A little pissed that the chance Dick gave him was more out of pity than friendship or anything gay like that, but guilty for having spurred the charity. It's much easier to cover all that by just rubbing it in Dick's face that he helped out a murderer/psychopath, though.
Since having squeezed an apology out for him, likes him in a 'it's my eternal goal to drive you insane' sort of way. Not to mention they are BROTHERS IN AWKWARDNESS after that mistletoe experience.

Kasa → The only person so far in Rivelata to have made it onto his shitlist. He'll mock any emotion at anyone, anger being one of his favorites, but Kasa has earned the real thing. He's not going to easily forgive that she mocked and toyed with him rather than killing him, and he's doing his best to keep away from her now. At least until he gets his chance.

Ba'ast WEIRD SORT OF FRIENDSHIP. Now that he's determined she doesn't actually hate him, nothing she says will ever be able to drive him away. Regards her as a sort of verbal tug-of-war partner.
Has developed a weird sort of affection for her to add onto the weird sort of friendship (not that he'd ever admit it, or even want to think about it). He'd LOVE to do her again, but it's pretty fine with him that she's taken and won't let him. He'd do a lot for her, and bitch the entire time.

Apollo → He's more than a little impressed/turned on by her, since chicks that are nearly as violent/malevolent as him are pretty rare. Regards her as a decidedly hot 'one of the boys'.

Lyle Dylandy → The first actual friend he made in Rivelata, he's ridiculously fond of him. A pretty bromancy relationship, and Jan would really do a lot for him if he needed it. A little uncomfortable taking blood from him because it reminds him of Dick, but he's getting over it.

Nill → Maybe the only kid Jan actually likes. Maybe because she's silent. (Or maybe because she laughs at him rather than being terrified by him, that helps.)

Galatea → A little wary of her, has the distinct feeling she could snap him like a twig. Is kind of turned on by that, and the urge to annoy is strong.

Batman → A similar feeling here, but it's a definitely an urge to terrorize. From afar. It's sort of like throwing rocks into the dragon's lair.

Alucard → The only person on the island he actually fears, Alucard makes him realize that he actually has to be a little careful if he's going to survive much longer. He wants to go out and fight him, but wants to go on living even more than that.

Robin/Tim Drake → Fighting him was fun, and he wouldn't be opposed to doing it again! Probably wouldn't kill him if he had the chance because the kid has so much guts, but would definitely beat the shit out of him.

Basch fon Ronsenburg → He really liked working for him, even if he'd never say it. It was cool pretending he was responsible enough to have a real job, and even better to see how far he could push Basch with his ridiculous antics without getting fired. Basch actually impressed him a little with his patience, too. He'd get back onto his good side if he thought he could, but has resigned himself to that being impossible.

Selene → Another someone he regards warily but can't resist taunting, but in this case he's pretty sure she wouldn't actually be able to kill him. She'd just probably kick his ass pretty hard (which is all the hotter).

Roy → Somehow understands that Roy's getting him thrown in the slammer was a good thing, maybe even for Jan himself -- but it's not going to stop him from making a good, solid attempt to kick his ass if he ever gets the chance. (Miiiighht not kill him though, if he got that chance.)

Jilly → Really strangely grateful for being treated as a semi-normal person by her during their snowball fight -- likes her but would probably never admit to it.

War → Another one of those hot chicks that could easily kick his ass, and Jan appreciates her just as much as the rest. ♥

Miranda Lotto → She's amusing. She's great to terrorize, funny because she seems to keep talking to him, and sometimes even interesting to talk to. Sometimes. Mostly he keeps her around because he's never seen someone so easy to scare.

Sylar → He's pretty interested in Sylar, if just because he's a serial killer, and how cool is that. If Sylar ever went after someone Jan actually liked his opinion would change, but for now he's totally chill and finds him even kind of funny.

Kobato → Reminds him oddly of Futaba. She's a little too cute to push away, but she's awfully easy to teach horrible vocabulary for. He'd stand up for her if he really had to, but he'd much rather leave that mushy shit to Lyle. They like each other more, and that's perfectly fine with him.

King Alastair → OH HATE HATE SO MUCH HATE RAAAGGEEE. He beat him up. ;; AND made him stop killing! Oh he'd rip this throat out if he could.

Chataya → He likes whores! And since Chataya is a whore, he likes her. He doesn't go out of his way to be nice or polite, but the scorn that some people give ladies of the night is absolutely absent. She's just another person to him, and is treated accordingly.

More to be added as they pop up/I think of them!

Potential Plots
Schro → Hooker-killing night on the town!
Ba'ast → MORE DRUNKEN SHENANIGANS? Jan is shocked and astounded that someone isn't revolted by his propositions!
Kasa → Some sort of path-crossing? Jan's ass gets to get kicked.
Tifa → Works with him. And has giant boobs. Something has to come of that.
Tim Drake → SOME SORT OF. TROUBLE-CAUSING. Tim could use a beating up and Jan could certainly stand to draw the vengeance of some bats.
Miss Spider → Giant spider and vaguely arachnophobic vampire. :|
Dick → Walking bloodbank!
Paul/Green Hornet → Underground crime fighting group?
McCoy → Shout fest!
Dick → ass kicking/confessional timeeeee
Sachiko/Galatea → Attempted meal and firm beatdown!
Ed → CHUM IT UP (gotta meet on good terms)
Kaylee → Unintentional salvation!
Nill & Utena → mistletoe!! >)


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